New Arrivals


  • Shen 5/8 size basses are in! Fun to play, easy to haul, and not to small for most 3/4 players. Laminated and Hybrids available. $2,250-$3,600.

New, Used and Vintage Laminated and Hybrid Basses

Pete's Upright Bass Shop of Portland is proud to offer Oregon's largest selection of new and vintage instruments from the following makers and regions.

  • 1937 Kay M-1 #411 (really!) Beautiful condition. Rare 3 piece neck with ebony strip, never broken. Well adjusted. Padded bag included. Email for price.
  • Rare  M-1 Blond "attributed to Kay" No label or serial #. Amazing condition. (the Kay bass website mentions that Kay made basses for other companies, and I believe this to be just that. Excellent sound and playability. $3,350.00
  • 1956 Kay C-1 #38387. Beautiful patina and sound. Old neck repair-solid. Plays easy. $2450.
  • 2006 Upton Bass  Laminated "Hawkes" model. Excellent condition with a huge, even, sound. $2650.
  • 1960's Epiphone 3/4. Beautiful rosewood fingerboard. Pickup and bag included. Solid thumping' sound for Bluegrass, Country or Rock-a-billy. $2,300.
  • 1970's German1/2 size Hybrid. Big sound for a small bass. Bag included. Very good condition. $2,195.
  • Shen model 150 Hybrid 1/2 used. With bag and realist pick up. $2,500.
  • Shen Model 80 Laminated- Fully set up with D'Addario strings and adjustable bridge. Bag and bow included. ~ $2,250.
  • Shen Model 88 Laminated- Oil finish Fully set up with D'Addario  strings, adjustable bridge. Bag and bow included. $2,395.


Vintage Fully Carved Instruments. New and Used.


  • 2000 Mathias 3/4  Fully Carved Romanian Flat Back w Heavy padded bag and bow (optional). Lovely darker patina with and a big sound for classical or jazz. One owner! Excellent condition. Reduced! $4,200.00     
  • 1988 Abraham Prescott, copy. Made by Patrick Marshall, Portland, Ore. This bass is a special instrument made by local luthier, Patrick Marshall. Large, but not heavy. Fingered C extension. Played, for 25 years, but in amazing condition. Massive sound and quick response for such a large instrument. Very playable 42 in. string length. Western Big Leaf Maple, Sitka Spruce. $15,000 OBO. Price reduced!
  • ca.1870 Czech Fully Carved. Beautiful wood. Lovely sound, jazz or classical. Adjustable bridge. Padded bag. $9500.
  • ca.1880 3/4 German Flat back shop bass. Fully restored in 1987 and looks like it was done yesterday. Huge penetrating sound. Hat peg tuners. $12,500.
  •  2010 Viennese styled Hungarian. Large 3/4 made in Budapest by Akos Balaz. Beautiful sound and playability. $11,000 obo.
  • ca. 1947 Morelli  (German) 3/4 carved, Violin corners Excellent condition, Label reads "USSR occupied" Strong focused sound pizzicato or arco. Played by many greats. Rare! $14,000.

Sold Instruments

  • Chinese  Fully Carved "Violin Corner" Very nice! Big sound, Classy tuners, and not heavy. Fully set up, with D'Addario strings and bag. ~SOLD
  • 1999 Shen 3/4 Carved Double Bass. Excellent Condition! Gamba Sloping shoulders, full sound, projects well.~SOLD
  • 1941 Gibson 3/4 Laminated Double Bass #B-150-12/41 Focused sound! Excellent condition.~SOLD
  • 1962 Rauner  3/4 Hybrid. Carved Top, laminated back and sides. Great jazz bass.~SOLD               
  • 1958 Kay S-9 #40380 Blond Swingmaster VERY GOOD condition!
  • Knilling 3/4 Flatback ca.1999 Fully Carved. Set up for jazz- SOLD 
  • Bavarian 3/4 ca.1800 Amazing condition and sound. (a shop favorite!)- SOLD
  • German Flat back ca. 1860 Beautiful sound, restored by Kolstein- SOLD
  • Mueller 3/4 carved, Jazz or classical- SOLD
  • 1948 Kay M-1- SOLD
  • 1952 TV-1 VERY RARE! - SOLD.
  • Roth ca.1960- SOLD
  • Goetz ca. 1960- SOLD
  • German"Sears & Roebuck" 3/4 Flatback ca. 1900-- SOLD
  • Romanian Flat back ca.1970- Very focused jazz and arco. Excellent condition!- SOLD
  • 1999 Shen 7/8 Gemunder (- SOLD
  • 2002 Shen 7/8 Gemunder- SOLD
  • 1996 Franz Kollar, 3/4 Hybrid. made in Czech Republic. Excellent cond.


Odds and Ends

  •  1990's Vector Electric Upright Bass. Very portable and unique. Gig bag. 1,500.00, OBO.